NATO Security Investment Programme Management Office has been operating as a public sector enterprise since 1st January 2011 when it was entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register under KRS number 0000370758. The Management Office consolidates technical, financial and accounting tasks regarding the NATO Security Investment Program within one institution.

The NSIP programme is a tool provided by the Alliance to meet needs required to develop the necessary military capabilities which go beyond the national resources of defence infrastructure of the member states. The NATO Security Investment Programme is financed by means of the NSIP funds built from the contributions provided by the countries involved in the Programme.

The fundamental principle of the Programme is that it covers only the projects contained in the Capability Packages (CP), the development of which will enable the NATO commanders of the strategic level to achieve the basic operational capabilities.

The founding body of the NATO Security Investment Programme Management Office is the Ministry of National Defence on whose behalf it is overseen by the Deputy Defence Minister.

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